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Coop to Kitchen – Cooking up Some Backyard Eggs

Signe Langford, Author of Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs; Keeping Chickens in the Kitchen Garden with 100 Recipes.
Sat. Mar. 10 at 2pm

Since agrarian times, keeping a small flock of backyard hens has been a natural extension of the home, the kitchen, and garden. If you’ve ever enjoyed the harvest of your own little veg patch, then you already know how delicious homegrown is. And it’s not just the exceptional flavour, that unbeatable feeling of satisfaction that comes from self-sufficiency is pretty tasty too! Now, add to that companionship, garden help, and fresh eggs from your very own layers and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!

Signe will cook up and share some tasty dishes made with truly pasture-raised eggs and sign copies of her award-winning, best-selling cookbook. The book will be available at a special show price of $20 (no tax/reg. price is $22.95 + tax) only at the presentation. Photo credit: Diane Walton

Raised in the town of Hudson, Quebec, Signe Langford grew up surrounded by an ever-changing menagerie of critters, wild and domestic, and her special affection for all things feathered – present from day one – has never flagged. For Langford, keeping a tiny flock of laying hens is about so much more than real eggs; for her it’s about offering hens a quality of life that, sadly, the vast majority of egg-laying hens will never enjoy. “For every hen in someone’s backyard – even if the set-up isn’t palatial or perfect – it is one less hen in a factory cage.”

The former restaurant chef-turned-writer tells stories and creates recipes for such publications as: The LCBO’s Food & Drink, The National Post, Globe and Mail, Harrowsmith, Garden Making, and many others. Langford received a Gold National Magazine Award for her writing. Her award-winning book, Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs; keeping chickens in the kitchen garden with 100 recipes was published in 2015 and her second one is on the way.

Her work as a chef has garnered excellent reviews, including four star ratings. She studied Fine Art History and Humanities at the University of Toronto, and York University, graduating with honours from OCAD University. Langford earned her Wine Specialist Certificate from George Brown College.

She shares her Port Hope Victorian home with her own menagerie – wild and domestic – though she could do without the raccoons. For more stories and recipes please visit

A Vegan Nuts 4 Cheese!

Cocktail Dreena
Fri. Mar. 9 at 1pm
Sat. Mar. 10 at 1pm
Sun. Mar. 11 at 1pm
Tues. Mar. 13 at 1pm
Wed. Mar. 14 at 1pm
Sat. Mar. 17 at 1pm
Sun. Mar. 18 at 1pm

A Vegan Nuts 4 Cheese demo, facilitated by Cocktail Dreena, will teach you how to turn cashews and walnuts into cheesy toppings, dips and desserts.

Presented by:

Cocktail Dreena is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Soulful Vegan Chef. She believes that the most holistic way to live is by nourishing your soul, while still feeding your ego, because optimal health is attained through balance, not perfection.

She is passionate about encouraging millennials to find holistic ways to feed their minds, bodies and souls, without compromising their love for food!

Through her brand Cocktail Lifestyle, she offers workshops to teach her skills in the kitchen and share her knowledge in nutrition and holistic living, as well as private chef services to feed the souls of any crowd. She specializes in creating plant based meals that are nutrient dense, but still authentically flavourful and ethnic.

“Despite popular belief, vegans have a lot of fun when it comes to food. As one who maintains a plantbased diet myself, I love how creative I can be with my food by turning what seem like boring ingredients, into sensationally tantalizing dishes. I also love to incorporate my nutrition knowledge into my dishes, to ensure that they don’t just taste good, but are good for your body as well. I want to show and teach how to maintain a healthy balance when incorporating all the holistic ingredients that make you, you, because YOU, are a sensationally unique Cocktail!”

Afternoon Lunch on the Patio

Chef Marie-Catherine Marsot | Sun. Mar. 11 at 2pm
Pissaladière: What is a pissaladière? It is a Provencal (south of France) open tart made with vegetables. Chef Marsot’s favourite meal to enjoy on the patio in the summer with a glass of wine or proseco. With this recipe your vegan and vegetarian friends will be able to enjoy it because the pissaladiere is topped with Chef Marsot’s plant based cheese creation of Georgian Bay Frauxmagerie. Come and enjoy a demo with Chef Marsot on how to make a pissaladiere.

Presented by:

Chef Marie-Catherine Marsot is a former Police Officer that decided to follow her dream and passion and became a Chef. Born and raise in a French Canadian family, Marie-Catherine always knew that food was at the center of her life. Chef Marsot is a part time teacher at Liaison College in Barrie and also the CEO and Co-Founder of Georgian Bay Frauxmagerie, a business who specialized in making vegan cheese. Chef Marsot is also an expert on a multi interactive culinary platform recently created by Zeste TV in Quebec.

Emily’s Easy Weeknight Meals

Emily Richards | Sat. Mar. 17 at 4pm
Sun. Mar. 18 at 4pm

Getting dinner on the table can be a frustrating experience for many. Emily will show you some shortcuts and ideas to help get you ready for the busy week ahead. Preparing a few things on the weekend can help you through the week.

Emily Richards is a professional home economist, freelance food writer and media spokesperson who also enjoys culinary instruction to home cooks who want to learn more and have fun in the kitchen. She is the author and co-author of 5 cookbooks which include topics from Italian cuisine and glycemic index diets. Emily writes and develops recipes for cookbooks, print and online publications and websites that include everyday cooking and healthy eating. Emily’s varied skills have allowed her to engage with consumers and colleagues to share her passion for food through trade and consumer shows, radio and television appearances.

You can follow Emily for more information and recipes on Facebook Emily Richards Cooks Instagram and Twitter via @eriscooking

Family Recipes Featuring Local Ontario Foods

Yvonne Tremblay | Sat. Mar. 10 at 12pm
Sun. Mar. 11 at 12pm
Sat. Mar. 17 at 12pm
Sun. Mar. 18 at 12pm

Yvonne Tremblay will be demonstrating how to make delicious family recipes using in-season, local Ontario grown and raised ingredients.

Presented by:

Adventures with Food

Angela Argentina | Fri. Mar. 9 at 12pm

You are invited to join Kindred Kitchens on one of their notorious ‘Adventures with Food’
Today’s flavour destination is Japanese cuisine and discovering the art of Vegan Sushi. We’ll explore how to make these fun little bite size maki’s in various ways: using fresh, raw ingredients and with cooked rice. Either way, the results are sensational!

Presented by:

From an early age, Angela’a appreciation of food began as an act of love—cooking for the family with her grandparents and great aunts. As she grew, her enthusiasm did too as she came from a city that celebrates diversity and was exposed to the foods and flavours from around the world and sparked her curiosity for cultural foods and her palette for international cuisine and cooking. Her career with food began at the age of 16 when she was eager to start work and got her first job working as line cook and prep chef. Angela’s passion for creating healthy and delicious food never ceased and her skills were something she took advantage of— throughout her travels to 34 countries around the world, she only had one health plan; that was the most simple and affordable plan there is: preventative. Healthy eating wasn’t a diet or regime, but something that came quite naturally. The idea that food was both flavourful and a powerful medicine was a match made in heaven; she treated her meal creation as an art—food was simply a beautiful and diverse medium. As a food artist, Angela uses the properties of food such as taste, texture, colour, aroma, form and quantity as a guide to natural nutrition by creating harmony in her meals.

In 2015 Angela obtained her certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she learned from top leaders in the Health and Wellness industry and reviewed over 150 different dietary theories. Angela draws upon her knowledge and experience to share them with the community and to be of greater service to the planet. The skills and passion she previously took for granted resurfaced, giving her a rekindled desire to work with food and share her passion and creativity and to inspire others to adopt a more plant-based diet by creating innovative, exciting and delicious vegan food. One of Angela’s most recent food adventures led her to Ubud, Bali in November 2018 to complete her Raw Vegan Chef Training and is the founder of Kindred Kitchens, a Toronto based platform that connects and empowers the community through food, promoting optimal health & wellness through learning, sharing and experiences. As a community hub, Kindred Kitchens offers a variety of programs around plant-based food that provides a variety of services such as meal plans, cooking classes, catering services, recipe testing and creative exploration using sustainable food production. The intention is to help raise consciousness, provide insight to and promoting optimal lifestyle solutions through plant-based well-being, community and advocacy. The goal is to improve the health of our members, the planet and to ensure that there will be resources left and opportunities for a healthy future.

Perfect Pizza – From Oven to Table in 90-Seconds

Chef Carmelo Vadacchino
Fri. Mar. 9 at 4pm
Sat. Mar. 10 at 3pm
Sun. Mar. 18 at 2pm

Join Chef Carmelo Vadacchino as he presents delicious Italian style recipes, made easy with the award winning Fornoteca Duetto pizza oven. Learn how a few basic ingredients paired with game changing technology can take your appetizing creations from the Duetto oven, to the table, in as little as 90-seconds!

Presented by:

Chef Carmelo Vadacchino received his culinary degree in Montreal and mastered Traditional Italian cuisine, training all across Italy. With more than 25 years of experience Carmelo has worked at all levels of the culinary world. From hotels, restaurants and banquet halls to personal Chef and presently as a Corporate Chef.

Carmelo is the Chef that the Ferrari Team members (lead by the World’s greatest Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher) have called upon to create a winning cuisine when they raced in Montreal.

Chef Vadacchino now holds the title as Corporate Chef / Brand Ambassador for Fornoteca Pizza Ovens, F. Dick Knives Canada and Food Supplies, a national company that develops new trendy food ingredients for many national retail grocery chains. Chef Vadacchino enjoys making appearances at culinary schools and events to pass on his skills and knowledge to those just starting out in the industry.

Thornbury Cider Presents: Ontario Cider 101

Alyson Douglas
Mon. Mar. 12 at 7pm
Tues. Mar. 13 at 7pm
Wed. Mar. 14 at 7pm
Thurs. Mar. 15 at 7pm

Located at the junction of the Blue Mountains and Georgian Bay, Thornbury Village Cider House has been producing Ontario Craft Cider for over a decade in the heart of Ontario’s apple country. Now one of the fastest growing categories in beverage alcohol, discover the goodness behind every craft cider can and see what lies ahead in flavour trends. Enjoy samples of small batch Ontario craft cider from Thornbury, and see how you can evolve cider into a crafty cocktail that is sure to impress!

Presented by:

Alyson Douglas is the Territory Sales Manager for Thornbury Village Craft Cider & Beer in the GTA Core. A lover of all things Ontario craft, she has lived the changing trends in beverage alcohol sales over the last 5 years and has seen the “boom” of the Ontario craft beer, and now craft cider market. As a member of the Ontario Craft Cider Association, she and the team at Thornbury Village aim to share the benefits of being “locally sourced and naturally crafted” and hope that you will come share in our passion at our newly renovated facility in the town of Thornbury, ON.

Celebrate the Bounty of Summer on the Patio

Danielle French & Chef Kevin McKenna
Wed. Mar. 14 at 2pm
Thurs. Mar. 15 at 4pm
Fri. Mar. 16 at 4pm

Celebrate the beginning of warm days with a taste of summer with Danielle French & Chef Kevin French. You’ll learn about various marinades, sauces, and summer arrangements.

Presented by:

Danielle French
After falling in love with a dilapidated farm in 2006, Danielle French and her four  daughters left a comfortable city life behind to spend the next decade bringing love  and life back to a sadly neglected farm and the land it sits on. Now, South Pond  Farms in Pontypool, Ontario, is a vibrant, working event space with gardens,  critters, love and lots of life! Watch their adventures on the Netflix series, Taste of  the Country. 

Danielle French, owner of South Pond Farms and host of the Netflix series, Taste of  the Country. South Pond Farms is a special event venue with a restored century  barn and iconic terracotta tile silo located in Pontypool, Ontario. Danielle is  dedicated to delivering authentic country experiences, workshops in gardening and  flower arranging, cooking classes, and delicious field-to- table food and flowers  grown on the land. 

Join Danielle and her Chef Kevin Mckenna for a demonstration on ​how to celebrate  the​ Bounty of Summer on Your Patio​ . From flowers and settings to spice rubs and  oils and using ingredients, fresh floral and fauna found at your farmers markets or  your own backyard garden. 

Chef Kevin McKenna
Chef Kevin McKenna was trained at the prestigious Niagara-on-the-lake Culinary School and has traveled around the world working in internationally recognized restaurants. He has worked with many of Canada’s premier Chefs – Paul Boehmer of the Spoke Club, Chefs Michael Stadtländer of Eigensinn Farms and Michael Potters. His other positions in Ontario include being part of the culinary team Très Hombres in Peterborough . He is passionate about farm to table cuisine, foraging and harvesting from field and farm.

The Cocktail Perfected

Frankie Solarik
Thurs. Mar. 15 at 6pm
Fri. Mar. 16 at 6pm
Sat. Mar. 17 at 6pm

As master mixologists and distillers, time has taught us a thing or two about cocktails — with a lot of practice going into creating and perfecting our signature drinks. We know that honest quality ingredients and obsessive consistency are the key to your enjoyment of the perfected cocktail. Each of our signature complete cocktails is our expression of the classic and is hand produced in batches from real ingredients and our authentically made whisky.

Join Frankie as he shows you how to incorporate cocktail making techniques at home to create delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to make yourself & at your next party!

Presented by:

Co-owner of Toronto’s BarChef – rated by Food and Wine Magazine as one of the “top seven new and innovative bars in the world” – Frankie Solarik is a pioneer of the Modernist and contemporary approach to cocktails internationally.

Solarik’s work has earned him international acclaim, being featured in The New York Times and on CNN, as well as a guest judge spot on The Food Network’s popular competition program, “Top Chef Canada.” He has been profiled in major national magazines, newspapers and television shows, including The National Post, WG Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Imbibe Magazine, Sharp Magazine, Global TV, City TV, BNN, and CBC.

Although many of his signature dishes feature complex flavours and spectacular presentations, employing everything from frozen carbon dioxide to hydrosols and blowtorches, at their very core the compositions depend on a “less is more” approach; a process rooted in balancing components that complement each other rather than contrast, regardless how many ingredients he is working with.

His approach is unique, his research impeccable. His colossal goal: to inspire others worldwide to adopt a completely new outlook in cocktail culture and to dramatically expand on the Modernist movement.

Cooking with Flavours Of Nova Scotia Honeys

Mark Kuper
Sat. Mar. 10 at 4pm
Mon. Mar. 12 at 4pm
Wed. Mar. 14 at 4pm

“Honey is not just for tea or toast.” says Mark Kuper, founder of The Art of Nova Scotia. Be inspired to cook with Flavours of Nova Scotia infused honeys. Mark will demonstrate how to make amazing easy to prepare dishes for you and your family. Even the fussiest of kids will ask for seconds and your guests will want the recipe. Flavours of Nova Scotia honeys are sweet as can bee.

Presented by:

Ontario Turkey Makes it Super!

Patricia Moynihan
Sun. Mar. 11 at 4pm
Thurs. Mar. 15 at 2pm

Presented by:


Patricia is a Home Economist with a B.Sc in Nutrition from Western University. Patricia has also completed her certificate for Professional Fromager from George Brown College. With her successful consulting business Perfect Taste, Patricia has done recipe development and tastings, event planning and food styling with many marketing boards and tastings.

Liaison College Classroom

Tony Way & Liaison Students
Fri. Mar. 9 at 3pm
Sun. Mar. 11 at 3pm
Mon. Mar. 12 at 3pm
Tues. Mar. 13 at 3pm & 4pm
Wed. Mar. 14 at 3pm
Thurs. Mar. 15 at 1pm & 3pm
Fri. Mar. 16 at 1pm & 3pm
Sat. Mar. 17 at 3pm
Sun. Mar. 18 at 2pm

Presented by:

Tony Way
Chef Tony Way was born and raised in Toronto where culture and food are everywhere and abundant. This is what fuels his passion of food and influences how he cooks.

Chef Tony graduated with Honours in 2005 from the Cook Advanced Diploma Program at Liaison College Downtown Campus. Along with being introduced to the world of Culinary Arts, he has found a field in which he has developed and blossomed his passion for food has him eager to continue learning new techniques and different types of cuisine. He was very fortunate to start his career at Opus on Prince Arthur which is one of Toronto’s top restaurants.

With several experiences working in fine dining restaurants, he was offered a Sous Chef position at Meating Steakhouse which led to a Head Chef position at C-Food Restaurant (a sister establishment to Meating), at the same time he was asked to do some consulting work for different restaurants and catering companies which has now developed into his own catering business “Way Out By Design.”

His philosophy of food is about pure flavours with the understanding that “textures are what makes the flavours even more enjoyable.”

After earning his Red Seal, Chef Tony returned to Liaison College as a Chef Instructor where he shares his passion for food and his knowledge in Molecular Gastronomy with students and fellow Chefs in the city. He assists in training our students for various competitions within our community.

From the Field to the Patio

Executive Chef Christopher Woods
Tues. Mar. 13 at 2pm

Today Chef Christopher will prepare Two Fantastic dishes that are sure to impress your family and friends this upcoming patio season.

First up we have a “Grilled Peaches with Red Leaf Lettuce, Roquefort Cheese, Canadian Pecans, grilled red Onions & a Seared Sesame Seed Crusted Ahi Tuna with a Wasabi Vinaigrette

As well as a “Grilled Fennel & Frisee Salad with Crispy Bacon, a Maple Vinaigrette with Spicy Thai Shrimp

Presented by:

Executive Chef Christopher Woods has a passion for the culinary arts. With over 35 years of experience, he has been at the forefront of the Toronto and GTA social scene– Catering Corporate Events, Private Functions, and Major Film Productions. He prides himself in going above & beyond to provide an experience that adds to the event, while operating with the discretion and poise- so as to not distract from the goals or performance of the function.

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